I'm Anshul Gupta
Improvising Human-Mobile Interactions | Android Developer @Stamurai | Head of Android Dept. @DSCKIET
Anshul Gupta

Who Am I?

Heya! 👋
I'm Anshul, an Android Lover making Stamurai App more intuitive and faster.
I love exploring topics on technologies💻, productivity 📈, and lifestyle🎨.
My current mission in life is to motivate and mentor peers to live an easier and happier life by sharing my learnings on the topics above!
Started my career in 2017 after graduated from Udacity Nanodegree course(Android Basics).
With strength in Android Development, I'm trying hands with Competitive programming.
With the help of Developer Student Clubs family, I got chances for working on some good project.
Programming is more than just a profession for me. I love to be with, and work with people who can push me beyond the limits and believe in continous evolution.